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Useful Commands
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15 Aug 2022
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24 Sep 2022

Useful Commands


  • Register your account on the server.
/register [password]

  • Login using your current password.
/login [password]

  • Change your current password.
/changepassword [current-password] [new-password]

  • Link your email address to your account for password resets.
/addemail [password] [email-address] 

  • Request a password reset via your email.
/pwreset [email-address] 

  • Change your password using the code you obtained via your email.
/confirmpasswordrecovery [code] [new-password]

  • Request to add 2FA authentication as a security layer to your account.

  • Activate 2FA using the code from your authenticator application.
/activatesecondfactor [password] [code]

  • Deactivate 2FA if you choose to do so.
/deactivatesecondfactor [password] [code]

  • Get a list of commands for the friends system.

  • Get a list of commands for the global party system.

  • Important information and links.
  • Removes your current session so you have to login again after rejoining.
Maestro · about 1 month ago · Last edited: 19 days ago