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How to rent land?
Started by Warkeyner



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21 Aug 2022
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09 Oct 2022

Rent Sign

Rent sign setup:

Rent sign setup


Parameters surrounded by [] are optional. Parameters surrounded by  are required.

  • [area]: This parameter is only needed if the sign is placed outside the area.
  • <interval></interval>: The tenant can extend their rental by <interval></interval>. Time units: d (days), h (hours) and m (minutes). Default is d. Example: 15d = 15 days
  • <max></max>: Is the max. duration of the rental.
  • <cost></cost>: Defines the cost per <interval></interval>.

You can only set sub areas for rent. The default area can only be set for sale (= selling the whole land; more information below)


When the Sign has been placed

  • The rent sign is setup and players can now access it.

    • To rent this area, just click on the sign.
    • To add more time to your rental, just click again on the sign.
  • Cancel rental

    • Tenants can use /lands rent cancel to cancel their rental while standing inside the area.
  • Remove the rental

    • As the area owner you can either remove the sign or execute /lands rent remove while standing inside the area. 

Browse Listings

Use /lands rentlist to view all areas and lands that can be rented or bought. There you can also filter and sort these offers.

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